Update LinkedIN as Your Future Self

Your LinkedIn profile is one of the first things that a potential employer sees. Your job search should start by refreshing your profile. In order to update your LinkedIN profile as your ideal future self* do these four simple tasks right now:

  1. Change your picture. The act of changing your picture signals that you are ready for something new. Don’t know what to change it to? Read this article in the Wall Street Journal about how to pick the right photo.
  2. Change the description of what you did in your last position in a way that sets you up as the perfect person for what you want to do next. Not sure what that is yet? Start by mapping your current career path

  3. Get one or two friends to endorse skills that you are beginning to build so they appear closer to the top of your proficiencies list.

  4. Take an hour to add everyone you know from Facebook or your Gmail contacts on LinkedIN.

      Visit LinkedIn.com

* want to know what your ‘future self’ means? Visit MyOccupation.org

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