Choose 3 events to Attend

Choose three events to attend this year. Pick a suite of events that will help you break into a new industry, support your personal development and offer you an inspiring escape. Here are a few pointers on how to make your choices.

  1. Don’t bet on only one
    There might be one event you’ve heard great things about and includes every one you need to meet with incredible access. However, if going to this event means that you have to spend all your resources for the year, don’t do it. The key to meeting the right people is to attend as many events as possible and not go to just one that seems ‘perfect’.
  2. Expect to fail
    When a venture capitalist invests in 10 companies, they expect to lose their money on half of their investments, break even on two, make a modest sum on one or two, and hopefully have runaway successes on the others. Apply this principal to all the events you attend. By doing so, you will expect less from each event, be more relaxed, build real relationships, and eventually find that one win you need.
  3. Pay more and play less
    If you are going to events every night and still not meeting the right people, then it is time to pay a little more (be it in energy, time, or money) and play a little less. A good way to do this is to add up all the money and time you are prepared to commit and then divide it between six or eight events. Aim to spend all your resources that year across only those events. Paying a little more for one or a little less for another enables you to find that elusive balance, no matter how you divide it up.

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