Welcome to Dean's Professional Services! 

Dean's Professional Services was founded in 1993 in Houston, TX, specializing in healthcare staffing. Since that time, we have been a career-home base for over 30,000 people across the state of Texas and the United States. Dean's Professional Services is just that - a service, we are not an agency. Our goal everyday is to find our applicants a perfect match - not just a job, but a means to a new and better opportunity! 

DPS Staffing Services

  • Temporary
  • PRN / Contract 
  • Seasonal / Gigs 
  • Temporary to Hire 
  • Direct Hire 

Benefits We Offer

  • ACA Compliant Healthcare Benefits
  • Payroll Benefits & 401K Program
  • Employee Referral Program
  • Vacation & Holiday Pay
  • CEU Resources
  • Recognition & Bonus Programs
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Industries We Service: 

  • Healthcare - Clinical, Allied Health 
  • Professional - Admin, HR, Marketing, IT
  • Hospitality - Culinary, Food Service, EVS
  • Events - Banquet, Bar, Event Staff

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Are you ready to move forward and apply with Dean's Professional Services? Follow these steps below to get into our system. 
STOP: If you have already completed an application, contact our office at 800-805-9318. Please do not complete a duplicate application.

Search & Apply for Open Jobs

Search and apply for open job opportunities on our Job Board.


Complete the Full Application

When registering, please submit a Word Version of your resume. After registering with DPS, you will enter into our candidate database and be eligible for consideration of any open you may qualify for. You will only be contacted and considered for a position if you meet the qualifications necessary. 


What's Next?

It is important that you understand our process and the steps to the DPS Placement Process. 

  • We recruit based on qualifications such as skill, education, background, employment verification and references.
  • Communication is ESSENTIAL!  Your timely responses to our team and Q&As will ensure a smooth process.
  • Remember, DPS is not the only vehicle for employment opportunities. We do not guarantee placement.
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Type of Positions We Staff: 

  • Clinical & Nursing 
  • Allied Health & Outpatient 
  • Medical Office
  • Revenue Cycle 
  • Large events, banquets, sporting events
  • Bar & Banquet Staff 
  • Cashiers, Runners 
  • Culinary & Dish Staff 
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  • Administrative
  • Data Entry 
  • Executive
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources & Marketing 
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Promotional Models
  • Greeters
  • Demonstrators
  • Hostesses
  • Trade Show Staff
  • Culinary & Dish Staff 
  • Event & Banquet Staff 
  • Dietary & Healthcare Food Service 
  • Environmental Services & Light Industrial

Pre-Employment Requirements

All applicants are subject to Dean's Professional Services employment policy, including but not limited to participation in drug screening, background check, and / or healthcare worker pre-employment screenings. Derogatory results, not providing proof of immunity, not completing screening / testing within required time frame, refusal to be tested or any attempt to alter or affect the results will result in withdrawal of your application for employment. 

Basic Minimum Requirements (based on client requirements):

  • Background Check
  • Drug / Alcohol / Nicotine Screening (Pre-Employment, Post Accident, and Post Incident)


Healthcare Worker Pre-Employment Screenings
The following requirements are specific for those working in a healthcare environment or providing direct patient care. All certifications must be valid and unexpired to be acceptable. Employees will be notified of what is required based on the client. 

  • CPR Certification - Healthcare Provider BLS - American Heart Only 
  • TB Screening - Skin Test, Chest X-Ray, or Blood Test
  • Physical 
  • Respiratory Fit Test
  • Color Blind Screening
  • Proof of Immunity to Vaccine Preventable Diseases
     - MMR
     - HEP B or declination when optional
     - Varicella
     - Flu Vaccine (in season) or declination when optional
     - Tdap (Tetanus / Diptheria / Pertussis)

Some of these items may require you to provide previous immunization records and health history or you may need to seek out your doctor, local clinic or other type of healthcare facility. Any certifications or screening results acquired belong to you and can be used for other employment, etc. In most cases you will be responsible for 100% of any cost associated with acquiring the required pre-employment screenings or certifications. 

Clinical Minimum Standards

At DPS, we are excited about the opportunity to provide professional patient care providers in some of the nation's top healthcare organizations. In order to be considered for employment, patient care providers MUST present the minimum standards listed below.

  • Valid License / Certification (if applicable) 
  • Valid TB Skin Test / Chest X-Ray 
  • CPR - Amercian Heart Association BLS for Healthcare Providers