Top 5 Benefits of a Seasonal Job

By: Josefina Romano, DPS Marketing Coordinator & Blogger

With the season of jolly holidays, family reunions and eggnog also comes great expenses. You may find your wallet taking a hit from the extra costs that come along with the happiest time of the year. A great boost to get you through the holidays can come from a seasonal job which may surprisingly include many benefits.

Here are just 5 of the reasons of why a seasonal job can work in your favor:

1.      Boost your resume

While a seasonal job can seem like just a short-term option the benefits can be rippling and long lasting. Obtaining a temporary job can help you enhance your resume and gain a competitive edge that will set you apart from the rest. You can also expect to gain new valuable skills that employers will value in the future. Many seasonal employees also use this as an opportunity to fill in unemployment gaps on their resume.

2.      Test out new industries

Have you ever questioned whether you are on the correct career path? If this doubt has ever crept in your mind, seasonal employment can be a great tool for testing out a new industry of work before you are ready to make a big change in your life. You may discover that you need a career swap or that you are right where you belong simply by testing it out.

3.      Supplemental income

One of the best and most obvious benefits of working a seasonal job is having more money for gifts, families, travel and even your savings fund. Nothing beats the feeling of staying on top of your financial game by working a few extra hours during the holidays. Contrary to popular beliefs many seasonal jobs pay great wages, some employers pay holiday and overtime rates for working on certain holidays which can add up quickly.

4.      Potential full time opportunities

According to a recent Careerbuilder Survey, 62% of employers are likely to transition some of their seasonal staff into full-time roles.  Often when seasonal employees perform above average and display an eagerness to succeed employers take notice and request to keep you on the team past the seasonal rush. Take this opportunity to showcase your skills and prove why you deserve to be offered a permanent position.

5.      Network and references

Meeting new people is one of the best perks of working seasonally. This allows you to expand your network and even obtain potential future references. Next time you find yourself working a seasonal job don’t hesitate to ask for a recommendation letter, you never know when it will come in handy.

While working through the holiday fun may not be the most luxurious option the benefits associated with it make the sacrifice worth it. It can allow for a great experience and financial revitalization that can transcend the holiday season. If you decide a seasonal job might be a good fit for you, take the dive and enjoy the benefits.