What Makes Austin so Unique

By: Josefina Romano, DPS Marketing Coordinator & Blogger

Austin was ranked as one of the top 10 cities for job opportunities in the country. It is one of the fastest growing cities attracting many millennials and recent college grads. Not only is it a more affordable city compared to other young prominent hubs like New York City or San Francisco but it is also booming with new job opportunities every day. Beyond that there are many other perks that come with working and living in Austin.

Affordable Living

Living in Austin affords you the luxury of having fun night outs with your friends and family and still being able to pay the rent. Unlike other metropolitan cities where it feels like you are working only to afford a place to live, Austin lets you live! How could anyone resist low gas and food prices. To top it all off Austinites also benefit from low state and local taxes.

New jobs are created everyday

In recent years, Austin has risen and developed itself into the Silicon Valley of the south. The city boasts a high number of startups and tech companies that are settling their headquarters there. This not only helps to directly grow the economy but it creates many jobs and not just in the tech field. With more talent transferring over to Austin, new jobs are created in numerous other sectors such as Healthcare. The increasing population will only keep driving demand up for Healthcare professionals and facilities.

Culture & Activities

Austin is the “cool kid” in Texas. There’s always something to do and events to attend. Many high-profile festivals such a SXSW bring in thousands of visitors and tourist from around the world annually. There are also communities and groups for practically every interest that you can think of.

Green city

Austin has an undying commitment to being green. The city’s parks and rivers are kept clean and there is a strong sense of commitment to keeping the city ecofriendly. The city has been nominated to numerous awards for their environmental efforts. And if you decide to stick around long enough you may see a carbon-free Austin by 2020. 

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