Healthy Eating Tips for New Year's

By: Josefina Romano, DPS Marketing Coordinator & Blogger

The holidays are a time of festivities, family bonding and food…lots and lots of food. It’s understandable that most diets are tossed out the window during this time of the year but you don’t have to sacrifice your health completely. Here are some tips that you can follow to maintain your healthy eating habits for the new year:

1.      Plan time for exercise

No matter how busy you really are, be determined to squeeze in a few workouts a week. Even five minutes of your day can serve as a good boost of energy. Getting creative with your exercises can be a fun way to get your blood flowing. You can make it a point to park further away at the store to have a longer walk, take the stairs instead of the elevator or do light stretching in front of the television while watching holiday movies.

2.      Don’t skip meals

Having a full calendar during the Holidays can be stressful and sometimes disrupt your natural eating schedule. This can cause you to overeat, under eat or even forget to eat altogether. A good strategy to use is to have a nutritional snack in your purse, at your desk or your car so even if you don’t have time for a proper meal you won’t starve your body for prolonged periods of time. This will also help to keep you in a better mood throughout the day.

3.      Choose wisely - Pick out healthy choices at buffet style events.

We are often confronted with an abundance of choices when it comes to the holidays - many of them aren’t so healthy. Make a conscious effort to eat balanced meals even at Holiday events. Usually there are salad and fruit choices that can fill you up without weighing you down. 

4.      Don’t shop hungry - This will help you avoid the food court lure.

Whether you are doing your last-minute shopping or taking advantage of post-Christmas sales, make sure you don’t shop while you are hungry. Not only will it impair your decision-making skills but it will also make you more prone to having an unhealthy dinner at the food court. If you simply can’t avoid it, opt for healthier choices that even fast food restaurants can provide.

5.      Portion size matters - Take sensible portions so you don’t overeat

Anything in excess is not a good thing. Focus on taking sensible portions of food and eating slowly – your brain takes about 20 minutes to process that you are full. Convince yourself that if you are not full after your first plate you will wait a few extra minutes before deciding whether an extra plate in necessary. So go ahead – enjoy your meal but always listen to your body.