5 Time Management Tips for the Busy Holiday Season

By: Josefina Romano, DPS Marketing Coordinator & Blogger

86,400 seconds in a day, are you using your time effectively? This holiday season our schedules are jammed packed with events, shopping and family reunions. It feels almost impossible to juggle it all but with these 5 tips you can maximize your productivity and make your holidays more enjoyable.

1.       Get out the calendar

Make sure that you have reminders for all your upcoming events. With so much going on during the holidays, it is easy to forget certain events that are far in advance. Laying everything out on a calendar allows you to have a clear overview of what your month will look like. If you have overlapping events, don’t delay on deciding whether you are attending or not. This will be one less thing on your mind to worry about.

2.       Shop early and smart

Do you always find yourself doing last minute shopping? If so, it is time to reevaluate this habit. As the holiday season rolls in you find yourself having less and less time to stand in long lines at the store. Before you head out on a shopping trip, make a list of the specific stores that you want to visit and if possible resort to doing most of your shopping online.

3.       Block out distractions

Distractions are everywhere! They can be a real productivity killer if you allow them to take over too much of your time. Make sure that you don’t get sidetracked by store’s holiday gimmicks. As a safe way to avoid distractions while holiday shopping, do your research prior to heading out. Know exactly what sales you are trying to take advantage of and print coupons so that you have them ready to use.

4.       Keep up with your workload

If you are planning to take days off this Holiday season, make sure not to fall behind on your workload. Start focusing on the most important projects first and the essential tasks that will not leave your co-workers in a bind during your absence. Start as early as possible to avoid any unnecessary pre-vacation stress.

5.       Take a breather

It is always good to remember to take a mental break when you need it. Even if you are only able to schedule 5 minutes of your day for some quiet time or a nice relaxing walk, do it. This will help to keep your energy flowing, reduce stress and keep you in the holiday spirit.