Motivated by Life: Millennials in the Workplace

By: Hadiya Iqbal, DPS Blogger & Marketing Coordinator

Despite contrary belief, Millennials care more about other things besides the number of likes they get on their Instagram posts or the amount of mentions they get on Twitter. Although they are shaped by technology, 74% of non-millennials agree that millennials offer different skills and work styles that add value to the workplace, according to

According to the 2015 Millennial Majority Workforce Study, 82% of hiring managers believe Millennials bring unique skills, especially being more technically adept than prior generations.  Surprisingly enough, Millennials priorities revolve around technology (especially if its mobile), online and offline social interaction, a life of adventure and social injustice.

Speaking as a millennial in the workplace however, we are more than just our phones and social media. We care deeply about social issues and living meaningful lives. We don’t care about conforming, but rather about authenticity. We encourage people to be who they are and live as they are.

Compared to the Baby Boomer Generation, who are known to be driven, are workaholics and care deeply about quality; and Generation X who are known to be balanced, self-reliant and work smarter, Millennials are known to be ambitious, entrepreneurial, and multi-task oriented. 

When it comes to choosing a field of profession, Millennials are motivated by many factors that drive the industry including instant gratification, sustainability and flexibility. Nonetheless, more and more individuals in Generation Y are choosing to pursue a career in Healthcare. In fact, according to a panel survey, six in ten college students stated they were NOT considering a traditional career in business. By the year 2025, it is estimated that the majority of healthcare workers will be Millennials.

According to the GBrief, a digital magazine; Baby Boomers are aging, and needing an increasing level of healthcare coverage. Nonetheless, Millennials are taking over the medical industry. This new growth of Millennial medical workers are coming in with new ideas and new approaches, informed by the desire for openness, cooperation and authenticity that characterizes their generation’s work ethic. A medical position is one that will always be available and Millennials can pursue anywhere.

As Millennials prefer flexibility in their work schedules and value a work life balance, a career in the healthcare field is of great interest to them. Quality of life appears to be a main focus on Generation Y.  Millennials value staying close to family and friends, having free time for recreation and working in creative jobs. However, they also want to make a positive social impact on their own children and communities, as well as on society as a whole, according to a article.

In due time, our economic, social and cultural future will depend on Generation Y. The Baby Boomer Generation and Generation X need to learn how to manage Generation Y, while Generation Y needs to learn how to adapt better in the workplace. We must collaboratively work together to acclimate and unleash Millennials full potential so that we all can continue to function as a competitive, ground-breaking and lively society.