How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

By: Josefina Romano, DPS Marketing Coordinator & Blogger

A new year feels like a fresh start. A perfect time to re-create yourself and set new goals. It’s a true challenge to maintain this motivation throughout the rest of the year. However, small modifications to your resolution plan can help you be successful in reaching your goals. These some easy ways to set yourself on the right path:

Start small

A big mistake people make is trying to change everything at once. It is better to set small and attainable goals that you can work on. Success may not come overnight but it will come in small intervals. Try to break down your biggest goal into micro goals so that you don’t get discouraged with delayed results.

Make your goals specific

When you ask people what they want to achieve this year it is often something big and vague. “I want to get in shape” or “I want to travel the world”. These plans seem great but they aren’t specific enough. How will you get in shape or travel? If you make your resolution specific it will help you to plan and focus on what you really want.

Celebrate the small successes

When you are so focused on the end result that you are expecting you often forget to celebrate the small victories along the way. Always congratulate yourself and feel proud for the small things that you have achieved so far. Any positive small change that brings you closer to your resolution is worth celebrating. This will help you stay motivated and moving forward every day.

Learn to start over

It is easy to get discouraged whenever you don’t have a successful week. Maybe something unexpected came up and you couldn’t make it to the gym or you had an unexpected expense that didn’t allow you to add money to your savings account for that big vacation you are saving for. Things happen, but the most important thing is how you react to them. Don’t let a small bump in the road deviate you from your main resolution. You must learn how to start over every day.

Share your experience

Stay motivated by sharing your experience with your support group. They will encourage you to keep going and it will also raise a sense of commitment to your goals because you know that if you stop you are not only giving up on yourself but all the people that are rooting for you to succeed. Don’t be afraid to share with friends, co-workers and family – they can be your biggest cheerleaders!

Ask for support

Every resolution will not come with a straight easy path to success. You will encounter road blocks and unexpected problems but don’t give up! Those same people that are rooting for you are also there to help you. It is okay to ask for help when you need it – do whatever it takes to make your resolution an achievement.