Avoid Burnout in the Workplace

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Burnout. We’ve all heard of it, one way or another. Maybe you know someone that is going through it or you are experiencing it yourself. It usually feels like an emptiness in your life, a lack of motivation, and having no desire to wake up in the morning and go to work. A series of bad days that seem to never end. It’s not a place anyone wants to be in but there is hope. Whether you are going through it or recovering from it, burnout can be beat! Here’s how to start fighting back:

Identify the signs and symptoms of burnout

The most crucial step is to identify if what you are feeling is actually burnout or another condition. It can often feel like symptoms can spill beyond work and affect your personal life. If you feel constantly overwhelmed by your tasks at work, disengaged, emotionally numb, aggravated easily, and uninterested then you might be experiencing the first symptoms of burnout. Everyone has bad days, even a bad week but if your bad days are constant and you can’t remember the last time you had a good day then it’s a problem. Burnout can also take form in physical symptoms such as fatigue, troubled sleeping habits and change in appetite. If you feel like you are experiencing these symptoms often at the workplace you are more than likely experience burnout.

Recover from burnout

To recover from burnout you have to actively try to get better. The best method to start doing this is to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Why are you doing what you are doing and what meaning does it have behind it? Adding value to your job and understanding the importance of your role at your organization can instantly help you feel better and more connected to your job. Avoid spending all of your time worrying about work issues and take time to disconnect and invest in your personal relationships. Actively spend more time with family and friends doing things that you enjoy. Finding the balance between work and personal life can help you feel in control again. If needed, use your vacation time to get away and find that much needed mental reset. Your workload may still be there when you return but you will come back with a refreshed and more positive mindset.

Avoid burnout from coming back

To avoid burnout from returning identify the negative factors that got you there in the first place. Perhaps you felt too pressured, the deadlines given to you seemed impossible, you were surrounding yourself with negative co-workers, or you felt that no matter how hard you tried you weren’t appreciated. Once you have determined the things that caused it, have a plan to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Talk to your boss and let them know if you need help. Maybe you need access to faster technology to help you finish your work, maybe you need a more flexible schedule to spend time with your loved ones or it might be something as simple as letting them know that you need to feel more appreciated. This will set you up for continuous success in the long run. It is vital to set your standards and boundaries at work to be at your best. Learn to say no to certain things and find your own formula. Find what works best for you. 

For more information and help on Burnout prevention visit: https://www.helpguide.org/articles/stress/burnout-prevention-and-recovery.htm