Why Only 2% of Applicants Get Interviews

By: Josefina Romano, DPS Marketing Coordinator & Blogger

Applying for jobs sometimes feels like a revolving door. You are putting in so much work but not getting the outcome you want. Employers are often flooded with resumes with numerous applicants who also feel just like you. After sifting through piles of resumes they end up inviting only an average of 2% of applicants for an interview.

What sets people apart

The thing not to do is mass apply to jobs that you know you are not qualified for and be disappointed when you don’t receive an invitation to interview. Employers have stated that at times up to 75% of job applicant aren’t qualified to do it. People who make it past the resume review phase are usually those that are well qualified for the job, have a resume that contains relevant information for the job you are applying for and that highlights your accomplishments. Show the employer what you can bring to the table and how you will make their live easier.

What do employers immediately look for

Many employers like seeing candidates that have progressed forward with their experience. Your resume should show how you developed your skills over time and how you used your opportunities in the best way possible. Hiring managers also look for a candidate’s online presence. This is a powerful tool both for the potential employer and the applicant. As an applicant, you can use this opportunity to showcase who you really are as a person. Social media platforms can tell hiring managers about your hobbies, your interests and even your professional background. The same goes for you as an applicant, you can learn who you will be interviewing with, the culture of the company and even read reviews by other employees who have already worked there.

How can you be a two-percenter

Stay focused on what you are seeking in a job, where your specialties lay and only apply for jobs that fit your criteria. If you spend more time tailoring your resume and cover letter for the jobs that you really want, you have a higher chance of being invited to an interview. Another useful tool to use is networking. Many candidates will be set apart because they know someone that knows the hiring manager. Looking for a job is a full-time job, you must be available to be reached promptly and be a marketable candidate that can bring substantial benefits to whatever company wants to hire you. Most importantly do not become discouraged if the first few jobs you apply for don’t call back – be persistent in your search.