Best Tips for a Video Interview

By: Josefina Romano, DPS Marketing Coordinator & Blogger

Have you ever sat in front of your computer or smart phone, being interviewed by your potential next boss? It takes some getting used to – being comfortable sitting in a room by yourself while still trying to portray your full-on professionalism. Video interviews can be tricky to pull off, so here are some tips to help you get through them in the best way possible.

Location, location, location!

One of the most important things during a video interview is to pick a good quiet place where your interviewer won’t hear people speaking in the background or loud noises overpowering your voice. You want to be somewhere where the only focus is you. Pick a location that also allows you to have a good and steady internet connection so that your interview isn’t disrupted by a bad connection. Lastly, be sure that the place you choose looks professional and clean. The last thing you want is your interviewer seeing a dirty room behind you or a distracting backdrop.

Be professional.

Now that you have your location perfected – let’s focus on you. You are the star of this show so verify that you are portraying yourself in the best light possible. Dress your best, just as if you were going to an on-site interview. This can also help you mentally prepare for your interview. Most importantly, don’t be late! This may sound silly if you aren’t even planning on leaving your home but it is important to be ready for your interview on time. Employers usually block out time to interview candidates and you don’t want to miss your appointed slot. They can easily move on the next available candidate.

Take time to practice.

Don’t be afraid to practice having a video interview prior to the real thing. You can do this with a friend or simply by recording and analyzing yourself. You really want to get over the awkwardness of being on video and make sure that your tone of voice and body language comes off how you intend it to. Have a go at some practice questions to get familiar with answering questions in front of the camera. You also want to ensure that you know how to work the technology. You don’t want to face any unexpected technical difficulties during your interview.

Stay focused!

After all of your preparation remember how significant it is to stay focused during your interview. Your interviewer can pick up on how engaged you are even if they aren’t technically in the same room face to face with you. You can use your remote location to your advantage by having notes visible to you so that you don’t forget to mention something important. Remember to smile, show your enthusiasm and treat it just as serious as an in person interview.