How To Obtain Your Healthcare and Hospitality Certifications

Did you know that Dean’s Professional Services utilizes their partnerships to help you further your education? These are some of the certifications that you can obtain to be eligible for some of our open positions within Healthcare and Hospitality.

Healthcare Certifications


Medical Laboratory Professional - ASCP

The ASCP Board of Certification is the oldest and largest certification agency for laboratory professionals. An ASCP BOC certification can result in improved job prospects, higher salaries and greater career satisfaction.  Obtain your ASCP Certification.

Certified Medical  Assistant - CCMAs

Medical Assistants (CCMAs) are a vital part of clinical patient care. Because CCMAs are trained to perform so many different tasks, they are in great demand in the workforce. If you are interested in working in a doctor’s office or a large hospital system, becoming a CCMA with NHA shows that you are knowledgeable and ready to be a valued member of a healthcare team. Obtain your CCMA certification.

Certified Medical  Assistant - AAMA

The Certified Medical Assistant —or CMA (AAMA)—credential represents a medical assistant who has been credentialed through the Certifying Board (CB) of the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA). The credential is awarded to candidates who pass the CMA (AAMA) Certification/Recertification Examination. Obtain your AAMA Certification

American Medical Technologist (AMT)

As a globally renowned certification agency, the American Medical Technologists (AMT) is committed to supporting allied health professionals in their quest to verify their skills and competence, learn and grow in their chosen profession, and maintain quality in the workplace. Obtain your AMT Certification.

CPR & First Aid Training

These courses are intended for Healthcare Professionals who may require a completion card for their job. Topics include CPR and AED, Basic or Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support, Stroke training, and more. Please contact your employer to ensure that you are selecting the correct course from the site. Obtain your CPR & First Aid Certification.

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Hospitality Certifications


Food Handler Certificate offers an easy and elegant way to obtain your ANSI accredited food handler training certificate at minimal cost and effort to you. The certification can be completed online using a computer or mobile device. Study materials are also provided online. Click here to obtain your Food Handler’s Certification.

Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC)

The 2018 TABC Certification course takes about two hours. is the first to offer the TABC Certification in Spanish. You can take it at once or you can spread it out over multiple sessions. There is no six-hour time limit, as with other TABC courses. Enroll now and you will get your printable TABC Certificate as soon as you pass the exam. Click here to obtain your TABC here.

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