Applying for a new assignment as a current employee is simple, just search and login to WebCenter to apply. Staffing will be notified of your interest.

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Job and Assignment Information

What Happens After I've Applied?

If you're a good match for an open position, a DPS Staffing Coordinator will contact you to give you an overview of the position including the submission and client interview process (if necessary). If selected for an interview, you will be notifid at that time.

What should I do before Accepting an Assignment?

DPS hires employees for a varitey of assignments. Before accepting any assignment, check your calendar for proor commitments and make sure you are comfortable with the location, pay rate, parking options and dress code.

What is an Assignment Confirmation?

Your assignment confirmation, sent via email, will have all of the critical information regarding your assignment including job title, pay rate, time entry system and process, client name and location, on-site manager, staffing coordinator, and any other essential details.

Arrive on Time!

It is important that your arrive on time. Arriving early not only makes a good impression, but leaves you time to familiarize yourself with your assignment location, especially when starting a new assignment at a new location.


Checking In...

We want to hear from you! When you are on an assignment, it is your responsibility to check in with your staffing coordinator once a week to let us know how your assignment is going. If you have any issues or concerns, do not hesitate to contact your staffing coordinator! Remember, we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

My Assignment Ended...
Now What?

Our goal is to get you a new assignment! Talk to your DPS Staffing Coordinator and let us know your availability so that we canm work with you to find a new assignment that matches your skill and personality. It is your responsibility to report to DPS for re-assignment within 24 hours! Failure to report within 24 hours for re-assignment will indicate that you have refused available work, quit working and your file will be deactivated, and may affect your ability to receive unemployment benefits.