Fieldglass Instructions

SAP Fieldglass provides a cloud-based Vendor Management System (VMS) where you can log your time and edit your information.


Register your SAP Fieldglass Worker Account

Before you can enter time in the SAP Fieldglass application, you must register your worker account. You will receive an email with instructions, a link to the registration page, and a temporary registration code. 
 1. Click the Create Your Account button to open the Create Your Account page. 
2. If you currently have an SAP Fieldglass worker account, you can link a new account to an existing account using the Click here link located at the top of the page. Note: Linking accounts will enable you to access all time sheets from one worker account.

3. Create a Username and Password.  

4. Create a Secret Question and Answer.

5. Click Sign In.

6. Update your Locale Preferences (if necessary) and click Save. Select Don’t show this window again to prevent the Locale Preferences page from displaying the next time you sign in. 


How to sign into Fieldglass

After you have registered your account, you can log directly into SAP Fieldglass to enter your time, create expense sheets, or edit your profile and preference information.

1. Navigate to from your internet browser.

2. Enter your Username and Password.

3. Click Sign In. 


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