CDS - Candidate Data Sheets (Applicant Jackets)

What goes in the CDS? 

All documents associated with the candidates must be housed in the CDS. Candidate Data Sheets (CDS) are used to manage the candidate’s information.

  1. Resume
  2. Disclosure & Release Form
  3. Public Data
  4. OIG
  5. EPLS
  6. SAM
  7. License / Certification Verification
  8. Job Description
  9. Evaluations
  10. Skills checklist

The CDS must be filled out (front and back only). Once completed, the CDS must be filed in the filing cabinet in the blue folders until mailed. Must be completed at time of prescreening.

  • Front – Prescreen information - to be completed before candidate’s interview
  • Back – Post Interview – to be completed during / after interview