DPS Applicant Process (What does the employee have to complete?)

1. Prescreen

  1. DPS STAFF to complete the CDS (everything gathered should be stored in the CDS)
  2. Resume is received

2. Prescreen Background Check

  1. Release & Disclosure
  2. Public Data, EPLS, OIG, SAM
  3. License / Certification Verification

**Should be documented with a Tempworks message H-PreScreenBG

3. Application

  1. Quick Paper Application (must be entered into TW manually)
  2. HR Center Application

4. Interview

  1. Interview Confirmation Via ZOOM **Should be documented with a Tempworks INTERVIEW SCHEDULED
  2. Face to Face
  3. Zoom / Skype **Once completed, should be documented with a Tempworks INTERVEIWED

5. Paperwork

  1. Job Description
  2. Skills Checklist

6. Evaluation – *depending on position

  1. ProveIt - TW
  2. Prophecy

**All documents up to this point should be scanned and uploaded to the TW file.**   

7. DPS Process - *Completed by Corporate  

  1. Education Verification
  2. Employment Verification
  3. Professional References 

8. Orientation

  1. Orientation Confirmation Via ZOOM
  2. DPS P&P Overview, Payroll Process
  3. Take Badge Photo
  4. Required on Boarding Paperwork – I9, W4, DD/ADP, Orientation Acknowledgement, Workers Comp, Healthcare Questionnaires, Benefits Acknowledgement
    1. Paper (events only)
    2. HR Center – Onboarding Workflow
    3. Client Specific Paperwork

**FOR AUSTIN - Wednesdays – All files should be sent to corporate office via FedEx**