Evaluations (Skill and Competency)

Prophecy Evaluations

The following is the map that will take you to The video to view is User Experience 1 – Sending Exams to Caregivers

  1. Log into www.prophecyhealth.com *get login information from HR
  2. Go to the ‘Help’ menu at the top of the screen
  3. Select ‘Training’
  4. Select the video entitled User Experience 1 – Sending Exams to Caregivers

There is also a video entitled User Experience 2 - Interpreting Exam Results, Sending Reminders & Removing Exams that will be very helpful to view as well

ProveIt Evaluations

Employee must be active to receive Kenexa test and Email must be set up for both you and the employee to send emails from TW to send Kenexa test.

  1. Locate employee that you would like to send test
  2. Choose the “finger” icon located to the bottom right of the employees name
  3. Choose “Request Kenexa Test” in the dropdown menu
  4. Type in the name of the test you would like the employee to take (I.e. customer service)
  5. Ensure that it is in the correct language and select it
  6. One all test are selected, choose “Next”
  7. Choose “Next” again
  8. Click on the “envelope” icon
  9. Select “Message” on the Message Action
  10. Enter the employee’s name on the subject line after “A Kenexa Proveit! Test is ready”
  11. If there are any instructions you would like to add to the body of the email, add them here
  12. Click “Send”
  13. Email will show a progress bar. Once the progress bar disappears it will bring you to the screen with the envelope again. Click “Finish”.