Staffing: General Tools, Terminology, Reports

Daily Reports

  • Temporary Staffing Daily Report:  Use this report to keep track of all staffing activity as it relates to working job orders.
  • After Hours Time Card:  When working away from the office, this form is used to keep track of your time.


  • Availability List:  This report is generated from Crystal Reports.  It contains a list of all employees that have recently called in their availability.
  • Daily Confirmation:  This report is also generated from StaffSuite / Crystal Reports.  It contains a list of all employees that will be starting a new assignment that day and in the future.
  • Current Confirmation Report:  Generated by StaffSuite.  A list of all employees currently on assignment.
  • Employees on Hold:  This form is used to record all employees that have been confirmed to be on hold for possible assignments, usually the next morning.


  • Staffing Master Binder Checklist: This form is used to help you get and keep your Master Binder organized for your day-to-day activities.
  • Daily Staffing Ticker:  This form is to be used to help the Staffing Manager determine when the busiest time of the day is.  Use simple ticks to record time and type of job order activity.
  • Quality Assurance Survey:  This form is sent to current clients for them to critique the performance of their staffing experience.
  • Employee Synopsis:  Use this form when faxing employee resumes to clients.  It MUST contain pertinent information about skills and experiences relevant to the job order.
  • Perm Placement Procedures:  A description of the perm placement procedures.
  • Employee Quality Survey:  This report is sent to the client every time an employee is confirmed to an assignment.  It is used to critique the employee at the assignment.  This report can be found in Forms 2001 (Staffing) or in the STAFFSUITE mail merge feature.
  • Temp / Hire Form:  Use this form to keep track of all employees that are hired by our clients.
  • Confirmation Letter:  This template is sent to clients that have requested an employee for a permanent position.  It MUST be signed and returned before interviews are scheduled. 
  • Perm Orders Template:  When filling a perm placement job order that requires more than one interview or resume, use this form to keep track of all activity.
  • Statements to be made:  Use this documentation to assist with your accuracy when confirming an employee to an assignment. 
  • Applicant Approach Procedure:  This documentation is a simple and effective way to present an assignment to an employee.  Use this methodology to help stay in control of the conversation.
  • Applicant Questions to be asked:  Always ask the questions on this form when confirming an employee to an assignment.

Weekly Manager’s Report

The Staffing Manager is responsible for reporting all staffing related performance to the Branch Manager.  This information includes:  new orders, lost orders, filled orders, mark-up percentages, total hours, employee problems, etc.  It is very important that all reports be turned in as specified, otherwise the Staffing Manager cannot complete his mandatory reports.


Staffing goals are attainable numbers calculated from previous experience during the same time period.  Your Staffing Manager will provide you with department goals as well as individual goals.  These numbers will change from month to month.