How to Add a candidate manually in Tempworks?

*if you are using a paper application OR inputting the applicants into Tempworks BEFORE they complete the application via HR Center, you will have to add the candidates manually.

Manually Create Employee in Tempworks (TW)

Step 1: Create the Applicant

  • Create New Applicant (click the “+” Sign)
  • Enter Available Information
  • Save Applicant

Step 2: Invite to WebCenter

  • Click Actions Menu
  • Invite to WebCenter
  • Assign Role (Dean’s Employee)
  • Manually Create User Account (First Initial Last Name) Ex: bgraham
  • Select “Create”

Step 3: Access to HR Center

  • Click Actions Menu
  • Manage Web User Account
  • Reset Password

Two Options:

  1. Give temporary password to applicant
  2. Manually Reset Password (dps12345)
    1. Click on Username
    2. Enter Temporary & New Password
    3. Click Change Password

Step 4: Assign Workflow** if necessary

  1. Click Actions Menu
  2. Assign HR Center Workflows
    1. Select Workflow: Main Application
    2. Select Start at Step: Application
    3. Click Next & Finish