IT Terms

Call-Em-All – third party vendor used to send out mass calls / text through an automated system.

Constant Contact – third party vendor used to send out large volume of email communication. Provides an email management system as well as interactive features for emails.

DPS Websites –

· – general website for clients

· – general website for applicants and employees

· – hospitality staffing website, clients can complete an order form, specific employees page for hospitality

· – Methodist Solution Pool website

· – event based website, applicants can complete a quick application

DSSI Intranet – forms and information can be found

Fax Cover Sheet – Must be typed and accompany everything we fax. A template can be found in NEW FORMS, under DPS Templates

Fonality –phone system used by DPS. HUD (heads up display) is the interface system managed by Fonality.

HUD – Heads Up Display for Fonality Phone System. HUD allows you to see inbound and outbound calls, answer and transfer (drop) calls to all DPS phone extensions. HUD allows you to see the status and contact all other DPS extension users (instant message, drop to a cell phone, email, text) – other features include: visual voicemail, broadcast message, call parking, conference “rooms”, etc.

IQ Navigator - VMS Online management system for Peoplescout / Aramark. Manages orders, submittals, active assignments and time entry.

Job Boards – third party online resource that will allow you to place a job advertisement on their site. Job boards can be paid or free, can include a resume database to search through. Most job boards advertise their site through multi-channel “mini” job boards. Job Boards under contract: Indeed, Careerbuilder, Zip Recruiter

Microsoft Office 365 – Microsoft Office 365 is the shared cloud-based system for all MS Office products, each user has access to download and use products using cloud based system for all devices.

Peoplefluent – VMS Online Management system for all rightsourcing clients. Manages orders, presentations, active assignments and time entry.

Prophecy (formerly Nurse Testing) – third-party online testing and skills assessment system for clinical staff. – third-party online testing and skills assessment system.

ScheduleBase – Third party online shift management system. Client schedules and employee availability managed through schedule base.

Shiftwise – VMS Online Management System for Harris Health, HCSO, HCHD, CSCD, Seasons Hospice, and AMN. Usually used for clinical staffing needs. Manages orders, presentations, active assignments and time entry.

Tempworks – staffing software application, manages online applications, applicants, employees, orders and assignments, client information, client contacts, and payroll – interfaces with WebCenter.

Tempworks Terms:

Washed – the overview status that refers more to the applicant process. It answers the question “has this person interviewed with DPS?” Washed status includes: Familiar, Unfamiliar, Web Applicant.

Hire Status – the overview status that refers to the employment status of an applicant or employee. It answers the question, “is this person ready to be placed on an assignment?”

Tempworks WebCenter – WebCenter is the online data portal that can be accessed through the DPS website. WebCenter is the interface into Tempworks that allows clients and employees to access and update information. WebCenter features include: job board, reporting, time entry, job order and assignment access and information, etc.

Tempworks HRCenter – HR Center is the online application document management system. Candidates can login to HR Center and complete all application / onboarding documents.

Work-In-Texas – Job board, resume resource, and online career assistance program managed by Texas Workforce Commission.

Wufoo – Online forms software that holds interactive forms for DPS and DSSI. Forms are used for the DPS website for clients and employees and DSSI Employees.  All wufoo entries, forms, and reports can be accessed from any internet accessible computer with a designated username and password. Wufoo form entries can be edited, emailed and exported from there

Zip Recruiter – Job board currently under contract by DPS.