Medical Abbreviations

ARRT                           X-ray Tech

CMA                            Certified Medical Assistant

COTA                           Credited Occupational Therapist Assistant

CT                                CAT Scan Tech

FO                                Front Office – usually a receptionist

FO/BA                         Someone who can do both front office and back office

IB                                 Insurance Biller

IPA                              Independent Physicians Association

LMRT                           Limited X-ray Tech, no invasive procedures

LPTA                            Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant

LT                                Lab Tech

LVN                             Licensed Vocational Nurse

MA                              Medical Assistant

MLT                             Medical Lab Technologist

MR                              Medical Records Clerk

MRI                             Magnetic Radiological Imaging Tech/X-ray

MSO                            Managed Service Organization

RMA                            Registered Medical Assistant

RN                               Registered Nurse

OT                               Occupational Therapist

PA                               Physician Assistant

PHLE                            Phlebotomist/draw blood spin down blood

COLLECTIONS             Collects from insurance and patient

REFFERALS                  Insurance Referrals