New Client Partnership Assessment

*These questions should be asked when assessing a new client. 

Developing a partnership is our goal. Why we are different?

  • Technology-Driven Order Management
  • Volume-Based & Customized Staffing Solutions
  • Strategic Quality Assurance and Patient Care-Driven Protocols

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Date of Assessment:
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Client Contact: 

Partnership Assessment Questions

  1. What is your staffing & order management process?
  2. What is your current Ad Spend for new hires? How many Ads are you currently running?
  3. Do you have any Seasonal Staffing Needs?
  4. What does your ideal staffing partnership look like?
  5. What is your current on-boarding process for temporary staff? For direct hire staff?
  6. Do you have a current Quality Assurance Program for temporary staff?
  7. Does your staffing vendor provide benefits for temporary staff? 
  8. Staffing Spend from last year?    
    1. Temp, T-DH, DH? 
    2. Potential Staffing Volume (Revenue)?
  9. Immediate needs?
  10. Current Staffing Vendors? 
  11. Opportunity for Technology Solution? 
  12. Opportunity for a Volume-Based Staffing Pool?