Staffing: Quality Assurance Program

The new DSSI Quality Assurance program will be implemented to ensure data integrity and tracking of quality in regards to staffing is effective and can be used to improve overall quality of service. There will be two forms that will be implemented. Links will be placed on the DPS Website for Clients and Employees to access as well as a URL link that will be sent out via email to the managers and employees as a reminder.

Quality Assurance Program will be managed by the project manager responsible for that client. Links should be sent by the staffing coordinator and followed up by the Project Manager as necessary. See simple flow chart below:

The Project Manager is Responsible for:

  • Ensuring 90% participation from Employees and Clients
  • Exporting the data and reporting weekly on the overall QA average for clients / employees
  • Providing a quarterly report for active clients with an average

Client Feedback Quality Assurance Program -

Employee Feedback Quality Assurance Program –