Staffing: Recruiting for an order

I.T.A.S = Inventory | Tempworks | Advertisement | Sourcing

*It is imperative that we use our tools differently. Use the “ITAS” method for your recruitment purposes.

I – Inventory – active and available candidates ALREADY VETTED & QUALIFIED

  • This could be people who worked for previously, oriented by never worked, interviewed and approved but not oriented, etc.

T – Tempworks – active candidate in TEMPWORKS

  • This includes INVENTORY candidates AND candidates that have applied in Tempworks but possibly stopped at this point.

A – Ads – OLD Ads in different job boards

  • If we have access to a job board, do a search in the old ads so that you can begin with those that have submitted a resume in the past. REMEMBER, this includes candidates classified as INVENTORY and those in TEMPWORKS – so check the system FIRST.

S – Sourcing – This should be your LAST Resort.

DPS Recruiting Resources


  • Tempworks Search / Applicant Tracking – Email / Contact from Software
  • Tempworks Ad pushed to DPS Website
  • DPS Website – Hot Jobs Page
  • Mass Email Blast Hot Jobs through Constant Contact
  • Work in Texas
  • EBay Classifieds
  • Smart Recruiter
  • Indeed
  • (free postings for first 2 ads)
  • Twitter – tweet through personal account, tweet through the DPS account *remember to use your # and @DeansStaffing – Talk to Marketing about this...
  • Facebook – post to your account, post in the DPS Group Page - Talk to Marketing about this as well.
  • LinkedIn – Find Groups that are associated with that occupation – post in the group, search people, post on your page.

Paid: (Must Get Approval FIRST)

  • Zip Recruiter
  • Craigslist
  • Greensheet - *Other List of Newspapers from Marketing
  • Job Boards - *Talk to Marketing / Management for approval on additional job boards
  • SMART RECRUITER – gives a list of places that best match your job ad.
  • Professional Organizations: *Talk to Marketing for a detailed list of professional organizations
    • Medical Group Management Association
    • American Association of Medical Assistants
    • Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
    • SHRM
    • American Marketing Association

What Else Can We Do??

  • Mail Drop (PAID) 
  • Special Refer a Friend Promotion
  • Open House for Lost Applicants / Current Applicants that haven’t worked
  • Recruiting Fair / Job Fair Internally
  • Recruiting Fair Partnership (Ex: Worksource Job Fair at their location)
  • School Recruiting Fair –  *See Marketing / Recruiting for a list of School Contacts
  • Mall Recruiting Fair
  • Virtual Recruiting Fair on a social media account
  • Apartment Flyer Tour – post tear offs in apartment complexes