Sales Terms

Conversion – The time that it takes a temporary employee to convert from temporary to a direct hire.  This usually costs the client a fee based on the amount of hours an employee has worked.  The conversion hours are usually received directly from the Accounting Department.

Dean’s List - A list of Prime Choice Candidates and a synopsis of their qualifications. This list is typically sent to prospective clients.

Direct Hire – When the applicant is hired by the client directly and is at no time on the DPS Payroll.

Exclusive Rates – The rates that are designed for a certain client based on volume of orders.

Mark-up - This is the amount DPS charges to ensure profit (75% or above).

Range of Rates – You must provide the client with a range of rates until you have determined the employee that you anticipate sending.  You determine the bill rate, then the pay rate, not the other way around.  Remember you must have 75% mark-up or better.

Rates – DPS has rates that are determined by the specialty.  The rate must always be given to the client.  If the client has exclusive rates, their special rate must be looked up to ensure that the correct rate is given.  Staffing must always give the client the rate before sending an employee to their facility.

Temporary – When an employee is paid directly by DPS from a minimum of 4 hours to indefinitely.

Temporary to Direct Hire – When the employee starts as an employee of DPS, but, after a time designated by the client, becomes an employee of the client.  Not on DPS payroll.