Staffing Terms

Presentation – the act of presenting a candidate to a client. Usually includes sending a resume, synopsis and could include compliance information.

Synopsis – An overview of the applicant’s experience and training to give the client a better view of the applicant.  All direct hire resumes should have one before being faxed. 

Working Interview – An amenity that DPS offers to our clients to assist them once they have chosen the person that they feel will work permanently in their facility.  DPS usually offers the prospective employee $25.00 for the day to cover expenses.  The client is charged nothing for this service, however, only one working interview is allowed per position.

Time Sheet – What the temporary employees use on-site to record their time at work.  Faxed copies are the responsibility of the Accounting Department.  This is their paycheck and our agreement.

Numbers – refers to a staffing / sales rep snapshot of revenue numbers at any given time.

Open Order List – A list of all open orders that are in Tempworks.

Availability – List of active applicants and employees that have called in available

General Status

1.     Applicant – person pending application process

2.     Candidate – person submitted for a position; in TW (candidate status until start date)

3.     Employee – person currently on assignment - working for DPS (already started an assignment)

Client Profile – A Client profile must be completed for every new client. It must be completely and accurately filled out. Information from the client profile is to be entered in the StaffSuite under the client profile

Confirmation Letter – Used when completing a Direct Hire Order. Must include client name, authorized signing representative, hiring/requesting manager, employee name, pay rate, placement fee, benefits, start date, guarantee details. Must be sent before start / invoice date. 

Daily Confirmations - Done three times daily and printed for the On-Call Staffer for the next day.  This is to confirm that the person made it to the site or confirm an employee for the next day.

Job Order Form – If you are not at your computer or cannot get to it to enter the job order in the computer, you can place it on a job order form. This must then be input into the computer as soon as possible.

Filled Order – When the order is filled with a prospective candidate. To be completed, candidate must be offered, accepted, assignment confirmation sent and confirmed with client, order must be filled in the TW system and all information documented.

Lost Order – When DPS could not fill the order.  A letter to the client should always accompany a lost order.  The Staffing Manager should be notified immediately.

Search – When filling an order after reviewing availability, you can do a search to expedite the process of filling all orders.

Push Out – Refers to “pushing out” an order through any external (online) vehicle – that includes email blasts, job boards, DPS job board, social media, etc.

In The Hopper! – refers to presentations / qualified applicants that are pending client approval.

Revenue Generating Time – a designated time for contacting potential, active or inactive clients for the purposes of generating new orders.

Q&A – Quality and Assurance Form used to gather information on a working employee. This gives us insight on performance, attendance, and overall success the client’s facility

Pay Card – payment option for DPS employees to receive their pay.

Confirmations – refers to an email that is delivered to a candidate after a verbal conversation for confirming an interview, orientation, vetting appointment, or new assignment.