Staffing: Weekly Calls

Every week you must talk to all working employees for your team, this should not be a call about an hr or staffing issue, compliance, etc., but rather a check in to see how each employee is doing with their assignment and with DPS.

*in order to get a list of current employees, the best report is the assignment register, with your team’s names in the “staffing rep” category.

Please complete these set of questions for every call:

  1. Do you have any feedback on your working environment?
  2. Are there any issues /concerns with your current role?
  3. Do you have any feedback on your supervisor / management team?
  4. Do you have any upcoming scheduling issues / time off requests that you need to let us know about? Please be sure to put in a time off request for

Your goal is to call 5 employees per day.

This needs to be done outside of their schedule (sunday is also a good day for check-ins). Your calls should not be done during revenue generating hours, but rather on downtime, (lunch, after / before their shift)