What is the process for the QUICK Events Application?

1. Prescreen

  1. DPS STAFF to complete the CDS (everything gathered should be stored in the CDS)
  2. Resume is received

2. Prescreen Background Check

  1. Release & Disclosure
  2. Public Data, EPLS, OIG, SAM
  3. License / Certification Verification

**Should be documented with a Tempworks message H-PreScreenBG

**One Appointment for Interview, Application, and Orientation

3. Interview, Application & Orientation 

  1. Interview Confirmation Via ZOOM **Should be documented with a Tempworks INTERVIEW SCHEDULED
  2. Face to Face Interview
    1. Review event orientation specific Policies & Procedures
    2. Discuss weekly availability
  3. Quick Event Application Package (paper or electronic)
    1. Includes onboarding, Sodexo paperwork, UT paperwork (if needed)
  4. Employee to present 2 forms of ID: for I9 acceptable forms of ID
  5. Take Badge Photo

**Once completed, should be documented with a Tempworks INTERVEIWED, ORIENTATION COMPLETE

**All documents up to this point should be scanned and uploaded to the TW file.**   

4. Internal Documentation

  1. Manually enter application information into TW
  2. Complete Event Checklist – add to CDS
  3. Add candidate to Event GoogleSheet (Shared)
  4. Document Availability Weekly