Staffing: General Tools, Terminology, Reports

Daily Reports

  • Temporary Staffing Daily Report:  Use this report to keep track of all staffing activity as it relates to working job orders.
  • After Hours Time Card:  When working away from the office, this form is used to keep track of your time.


  • Availability List:  This report is generated from Crystal Reports.  It contains a list of all employees that have recently called in their availability.
  • Daily Confirmation:  This report is also generated from StaffSuite / Crystal Reports.  It contains a list of all employees that will be starting a new assignment that day and in the future.
  • Current Confirmation Report:  Generated by StaffSuite.  A list of all employees currently on assignment.
  • Employees on Hold:  This form is used to record all employees that have been confirmed to be on hold for possible assignments, usually the next morning.


  • Staffing Master Binder Checklist: This form is used to help you get and keep your Master Binder organized for your day-to-day activities.
  • Daily Staffing Ticker:  This form is to be used to help the Staffing Manager determine when the busiest time of the day is.  Use simple ticks to record time and type of job order activity.
  • Quality Assurance Survey:  This form is sent to current clients for them to critique the performance of their staffing experience.
  • Employee Synopsis:  Use this form when faxing employee resumes to clients.  It MUST contain pertinent information about skills and experiences relevant to the job order.
  • Perm Placement Procedures:  A description of the perm placement procedures.
  • Employee Quality Survey:  This report is sent to the client every time an employee is confirmed to an assignment.  It is used to critique the employee at the assignment.  This report can be found in Forms 2001 (Staffing) or in the STAFFSUITE mail merge feature.
  • Temp / Hire Form:  Use this form to keep track of all employees that are hired by our clients.
  • Confirmation Letter:  This template is sent to clients that have requested an employee for a permanent position.  It MUST be signed and returned before interviews are scheduled. 
  • Perm Orders Template:  When filling a perm placement job order that requires more than one interview or resume, use this form to keep track of all activity.
  • Statements to be made:  Use this documentation to assist with your accuracy when confirming an employee to an assignment. 
  • Applicant Approach Procedure:  This documentation is a simple and effective way to present an assignment to an employee.  Use this methodology to help stay in control of the conversation.
  • Applicant Questions to be asked:  Always ask the questions on this form when confirming an employee to an assignment.

Weekly Manager’s Report

The Staffing Manager is responsible for reporting all staffing related performance to the Branch Manager.  This information includes:  new orders, lost orders, filled orders, mark-up percentages, total hours, employee problems, etc.  It is very important that all reports be turned in as specified, otherwise the Staffing Manager cannot complete his mandatory reports.


Staffing goals are attainable numbers calculated from previous experience during the same time period.  Your Staffing Manager will provide you with department goals as well as individual goals.  These numbers will change from month to month.

Staffing: Quality Assurance Program

The new DSSI Quality Assurance program will be implemented to ensure data integrity and tracking of quality in regards to staffing is effective and can be used to improve overall quality of service. There will be two forms that will be implemented. Links will be placed on the DPS Website for Clients and Employees to access as well as a URL link that will be sent out via email to the managers and employees as a reminder.

Quality Assurance Program will be managed by the project manager responsible for that client. Links should be sent by the staffing coordinator and followed up by the Project Manager as necessary. See simple flow chart below:

The Project Manager is Responsible for:

  • Ensuring 90% participation from Employees and Clients
  • Exporting the data and reporting weekly on the overall QA average for clients / employees
  • Providing a quarterly report for active clients with an average

Client Feedback Quality Assurance Program -

Employee Feedback Quality Assurance Program –

Sample Assignment Confirmation

All assignments must have a confirmation sent to the employee and staffers must include Accounting on the email (example below)

CONGRATULATIONS, you got the job with Aramark!

Please read thoroughly and respond by email that you have read and understand the specifics of the job details.  The information presented here is important. If you have any questions or concerns, please call me at 713-785-7483!

To confirm you have received this confirmation, please reply to this email

New Assignment Title: Plumber
Start Date: 06/19/2017
Pay Rate: $19.00/ hour
Pay Cycle: Weekly
First Pay Date: Friday, June 30, 2017

*if you opted for a paycard, you will be contacted by the Payroll Department before payday.

Client A
701 N. Anywhere Lane
Houston, Texas 77002
Schedule: FIRST DAY ARRIVE FOR 9am (please arrive 10-15 minutes early).

Manager: Joe Schmoe
*Cell phones are not allowed in the building.

If you are going to be late, call off, or unable to commit to this assignment, you MUST contact your staffing coordinator, Ms. McKinney.

Your Paycheck:
Time entry for this assignment will be the DPS WebCenter. You must submit your time into the DPS WebCenter by Saturday at 8PM.

The website to enter time is: DPS WebCenter
*This is the same login information you used when applying with DPS.
User Name: Bobbydworsky
Password: (whatever you set when you applied)


How to put in an order, what to remember

  1. All orders must have an approver for timekeeping

  • When viewing the "Visifile" for the order, you will see the following

From here, go to the ‘Details’ tab on the Navigation Tree and find the ‘Contacts’ section. Click on the pencil to the left. Select the appropriate approver on the dropdown for ‘Contact’ and select ‘Supervisor’ for the contact role

  • All assignments must have the correct title, bill and pay rates per our contract

Staffing Daily Things To Do

  1. Daily Confirmations
  2. Current Confirmations
  3. Letters to Call-Offs
  4. Evaluations sent out daily for each person sent to work
  5. Follow-up every 15 min. until order is filled
  6. Follow-up at the end of the day with each new order
  7. Finish employees in system
  8. Make employees available
  9. Put a minimum of 5 employees on hold for the next day
  10. Call client to see how they are doing
  11. Regroup 2 times a day – morning and afternoon as a group
  12. Open Microsoft Outlook/Things To Do
  13. Set specific goals for hours
  14. Daily Report to Staffing Manager
  15. Send Thank-you Notes



Staffing: Client & Employee Retention

  1. Before Start Date

    1. Ensure the candidate has received the assignment confirmation

    2. Timesheet entry system confirmed with client and employee and documented in TW

    3. Dress code, expectations must be reviewed with employee over the phone and again in confirmation and documented in TW

    4. Anything that needs to be taken (or not taken) on the first day (including: ID, compliance docs, badge, uniform, etc. and documented in TW

    5. Ensure the client knows who's coming

    6. Confirm with client via email and phone the candidate, and their anticipated start date and document in TW

    7. Timesheet entry system is verified with client (if new client, payroll must contact and introduce to WebCenter) and document in TW

  2. If Direct Hire

    1. Confirmation Letter must be sent to client before start date

    2. Confirmation letter must include: direct hire cost, salary, benefits, and start date (and any guarantee details)

    3. Offer letter must be sent to candidate with written signature acceptance

    4. Client must be billed on start date.

    5. Commission on Direct Hires are not paid until invoice is paid by client.

  3. First Day

    1. Arrival Call (15 min before start time) to employee and documented in TW (under assignment)

    2. Arrival call (at start time) to client and documented in TW (under assignment)

    3. If needed, mid-shift check in with client to find out how employee is doing, if there are any needs, etc. and documented in TW (under assignment)

    4. End of shift call to employee and client to find out how the first day went, if there are any concerns, etc. and documented in TW (under assignment)

  4. First Week

    1. Daily arrival check in with client to make sure the employee is there on time, no concerns and documented in TW (under assignment)

  5. On-going

    1. Weekly check-in is necessary (could be more with discretion) and documented in TW (under assignment)

    2. Client compliance / joint commission compliance may be on-going. Employees may need to submit new documentation or new background checks may be run.

    3. Q&A's should be completed IN ADDITION TO the weekly check-in. documented in TW

    4. If Direct Hire, follow up must be documented and follow up recorded if a guarantee is to be granted

  6. Ending Assignments

    1. Ended in Termination from DPS        

      1. If Gross Misconduct is reported, investigation will occur by HR. Employee may need to report to the office to complete an incident report.

      2. If concluded that the misconduct was against DPS Company policy the employee is terminated from DPS verbally and followed with an email and documented in TW. Unfavorable Release

      3. If client releases early, unfavorably, the employee is contacted and told not to return (document conversation in TW)

      4. Employee is made DNA to client site in TW

      5. Unfavorable release may result in termination from DPS, or disciplinary action (management discretion)

      6. All communication, conversations, and contact with client and employee regarding release MUST be documented in TW.

    2. Assignment ended as scheduled

      1. When client has notified staffing coordinator of definite assignment end date, employee should be notified.
      2. Actual end date should be added to TW order
      3. Employee should be asked to return all client materials to the site OR to DPS offices (client discretion)
      4. Final Q&A should be documented in TW
      5. Employee should be informed of final Q&A and informed of DPS Availability policy of calling in available if still interested.
    3. Employee Resignation

      1. Employee must submit written and verbal notice of at least 1 week (DPS Employee Handbook Policy)
      2. If no notice is given, employee must be informed of DPS Minimum Wage policy
      3. Email must be sent to HR and Payroll informing of the resignation and if minimum wage should be paid
      4. All conversations, communication must be documented in TW and actual end date must be entered into the order.
      5. Client must be notified and replacement should be in the works (preferably to be ready by actual end date)
      6. Verbal communication with client should be followed up with by email and documented in TW
    4. Conversion

      1. Once conversion is requested a conversion letter must be sent to client
      2. Conversion rates are based on hours worked and contractual requirements.
      3. Conversion letter must include: employee name and title, new salary, conversion cost, employee benefits, conversion date.
      4. $0 dollar conversions must be sent conversion letter.
      5. Offer letter should be sent to the employee and signature required for release - should be documented in TW.
      6. Conversion Invoice is sent on the conversion date.
      7. Commissions are not paid until invoice is paid.

Staffing an Order

  1. Presentation

    1. Client is sent synopsis, blinded resume and available interview time (based on client process) for top 3 candidates

    2. Client Response must be documented in TW

  2. Interview

    1. Candidate must be sent interview confirmation and documented in TW

    2. Candidate check in before and after interview, documented in TW

    3. Client check in after interview

    4. If selected, document feedback and move to next step.

    5. If rejected, document and let candidate know

  3. Selection

    1. Regroup with HR to determine start date based on compliance requirements.

    2. Confirm start date with client.

    3. Always follow up via email and document in Tempworks.

    4. Congratulate candidate and confirm start date

  4. Compliance

    1. If compliance necessary, HR follows up; start date will be tentative and reconfirmed after compliance completed and cleared by client

    2. If no compliance necessary, send assignment confirmation via email and document TW

  5. Scheduling

    1. Assignment Confirmation is sent to candidate with information and documented in TW

    2. This process can vary by client and can include additional screening before presentation , specific compliance by facility, on-site orientation, testing, client specific orientations, and vetting procedures

Receiving an Order

  1. Order is written up on Job Order Form

    1. Client is quoted appropriate bill rate
    2. Rates are determined by Contract / 2017 bill rates
    3. If there is a staffing sale, client may be eligible, can quote with management approval
  2. Order is entered into TW

  3. Job Advertisement is created and entered into the Online Job Board Portal for WebCenter

    1. Client is called every 15 minutes or otherwise specified with updates.
    2. Candidates should be documented in TW Order under “candidates” screens

Write here...

Staffing: Recruiting for an order

I.T.A.S = Inventory | Tempworks | Advertisement | Sourcing

*It is imperative that we use our tools differently. Use the “ITAS” method for your recruitment purposes.

I – Inventory – active and available candidates ALREADY VETTED & QUALIFIED

  • This could be people who worked for previously, oriented by never worked, interviewed and approved but not oriented, etc.

T – Tempworks – active candidate in TEMPWORKS

  • This includes INVENTORY candidates AND candidates that have applied in Tempworks but possibly stopped at this point.

A – Ads – OLD Ads in different job boards

  • If we have access to a job board, do a search in the old ads so that you can begin with those that have submitted a resume in the past. REMEMBER, this includes candidates classified as INVENTORY and those in TEMPWORKS – so check the system FIRST.

S – Sourcing – This should be your LAST Resort.

DPS Recruiting Resources


  • Tempworks Search / Applicant Tracking – Email / Contact from Software
  • Tempworks Ad pushed to DPS Website
  • DPS Website – Hot Jobs Page
  • Mass Email Blast Hot Jobs through Constant Contact
  • Work in Texas
  • EBay Classifieds
  • Smart Recruiter
  • Indeed
  • (free postings for first 2 ads)
  • Twitter – tweet through personal account, tweet through the DPS account *remember to use your # and @DeansStaffing – Talk to Marketing about this...
  • Facebook – post to your account, post in the DPS Group Page - Talk to Marketing about this as well.
  • LinkedIn – Find Groups that are associated with that occupation – post in the group, search people, post on your page.

Paid: (Must Get Approval FIRST)

  • Zip Recruiter
  • Craigslist
  • Greensheet - *Other List of Newspapers from Marketing
  • Job Boards - *Talk to Marketing / Management for approval on additional job boards
  • SMART RECRUITER – gives a list of places that best match your job ad.
  • Professional Organizations: *Talk to Marketing for a detailed list of professional organizations
    • Medical Group Management Association
    • American Association of Medical Assistants
    • Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
    • SHRM
    • American Marketing Association

What Else Can We Do??

  • Mail Drop (PAID) 
  • Special Refer a Friend Promotion
  • Open House for Lost Applicants / Current Applicants that haven’t worked
  • Recruiting Fair / Job Fair Internally
  • Recruiting Fair Partnership (Ex: Worksource Job Fair at their location)
  • School Recruiting Fair –  *See Marketing / Recruiting for a list of School Contacts
  • Mall Recruiting Fair
  • Virtual Recruiting Fair on a social media account
  • Apartment Flyer Tour – post tear offs in apartment complexes

Staffing: Weekly Calls

Every week you must talk to all working employees for your team, this should not be a call about an hr or staffing issue, compliance, etc., but rather a check in to see how each employee is doing with their assignment and with DPS.

*in order to get a list of current employees, the best report is the assignment register, with your team’s names in the “staffing rep” category.

Please complete these set of questions for every call:

  1. Do you have any feedback on your working environment?
  2. Are there any issues /concerns with your current role?
  3. Do you have any feedback on your supervisor / management team?
  4. Do you have any upcoming scheduling issues / time off requests that you need to let us know about? Please be sure to put in a time off request for

Your goal is to call 5 employees per day.

This needs to be done outside of their schedule (sunday is also a good day for check-ins). Your calls should not be done during revenue generating hours, but rather on downtime, (lunch, after / before their shift)