ZOOM Web Conference: How to schedule a future conference

From the “Zoom Pro Account” Screen click “SCHEDULE”

1. You can schedule a meeting from here, once the schedule screen has been completed, click “SCHEDULE” in blue.
2. Click on Advanced Options, and select USE PERSONAL MEETING ID.
3. Once you click “SCHEDULE” an outlook new calendar appointment will open.

4. From here, you can send the invite to as many emails as necessary.
**Note: Zoom conference calls can include up to 50 participants.

Using ZOHO

Interview / Appointment Scheduling –

Candidates must be entered into ZOHO when scheduling appointments – candidates will be sent an automatic interview confirmation. This step should be done BEFORE the appointment.

  1. Login - *get login information from Mr. Dean
  2. Click Interview
    1. Add new employee
  3. Find New Employee Entered
    1. Set Up Interview Confirmation
  4. Email will automatically be sent with address, date and time selected

Candidates Arrival -

All candidates will need to sign in on iPad located in the front lobby


Employee Compliance Request Form –

  • Select “New ECR”
    • Complete form
    • Follow up with HR to ensure they have received

(Daily follow up is important to ensure we get employees to work ASAP)

DSSI Intranet

  1. Go to dps-connect.com
  2. Click the “Employees Tab” and then click “DPS Intranet”
  3. Sign into your Office 365 email

Once you get into the DPS Intranet you’ll be able to

  • See our Calendar of Upcoming Events
  • Access all VMS systems
  • Access Webcenter
  • Access BambooHR
  • Access All DSSI Forms and Files

Purchase Order Requests - Office Supplies

Please be sure your office supply requests (Purchase Requisition below) are coming through Corp (Mr. Dean); he will purchase through our provider there (via corporate rates) – do not purchase on your own accord unless expressly approved by an EMT member.

Purchase Requisition Form Process: 

  1. Identify needs and confirm best pricing options
  2. Complete Purchase Requisition Form as applicable 
  3. Present for Manager and Executive Approval 
  4. Give original to accounts payable and keep a copy for your records 
  5. Place order as instructed
Purchase Order.png


Please be sure to let Mrs. Cruse know if a pay card is issued.  If so, please do the following:

  1. Make a copy of the pay card envelope making sure the “Proxy ID” is visible and legible (no need to open the envelope), and give the entire envelope to the employee.
  2. Write the employees name and last 4 digits of the social on the copy of the envelope.
  3. Attach the ADP Card application and scan and email to me.

Fonality - How to Set Up Voicemail

Record a new voicemail greeting

  1. From your phone, push the voicemail button (or dial 8555 if your phone doesn't have a 'voicemail' button)
  2. Enter your voicemail password (set by your administrator)
  3. Press 0 for 'other options'
  4. Follow the prompts to record your busy, unavailable, and/or vacation greeting


Your unavailable greeting will be used when you phone rings for a specified period of time without being answered.  As the name implies, this greeting is meant to play when you are away from the phone.


Your busy greeting will be used whenever you are on the phone and a second call comes through to your extension.  If you choose not to answer the second call, the caller will hear your busy greeting after the default ringing period (configured by your administrator)


Your vacation greeting supersedes both 'unavailable' and 'busy' greetings and plays for all incoming calls after the default ringing period (configured by your administrator).  The vacation greeting is intended for holidays and sick days.  Once recorded, it is automatically active for your voicemail box.  You must disable the greeting via the voicemail system in order to restore your unavailable and busy greetings.

Will my greetings be overwritten if I set a Vacation greeting?

No - each greeting type is recorded into an independent sound file.  They are not dependent on each other.

How do I remove a Vacation greeting?

  1. Login to your voicemail box
  2. Press 0
  3. Press 4 to enter the temporary greeting menu
  4. Press 2 to remove a recorded temporary message