Pre-Employment Requirements


If you've never worked in healthcare, you may not know your risk for exposure to certain illnesses and diseases. If you work directly with patients or handle material that could spread infection, you should get the appropriate vaccines to reduce your chances of getting or spreading vaccine-preventable diseases.

Reduce the Risk.

All the applicants are subject to Dean's Professional Services employment policy but not limited to participation in Drug Screening, Background Check and/or Healthcare Worker Pre-Employment screenings. Derogatory results, not providing proof of immunity, not completing screening / testing within required time frame, refusal to be tested or any attempt to alter or affect results will result in withdrawal of your application for employment.

  • Background Check
  • Drug / Alcohol / Nicotine Screening (Pre-Employment, Post Accident, and Post Incident)

Healthcare Worker Pre-Employment Screenings

Specified for those working in Healthcare Environment or providing Direct Patient Care. All Certifications or screenings must be valid and unexpired to be acceptable.

  • CPR Certification - Healthcare BLS - American Heart Only (AHA)
  • TB Screening (Skin Test, Chest X-Ray, Blood Test)
  • Physical
  • Respiratory Fit Test
  • Color Blind Screening
  • Proof of Immunity to Vaccine Preventable Diseases
  • MMR Proof of Immunity
  • HEP B Proof of Immunity or Declination when optional
  • Varicella Proof of Immunity
  • Flu Vaccine Proof of Immunity or Declination when optional
  • TDAP (Tetanus / Diphtheria / Pertussis)

Some of these items may required you to provide previous immunization records and health history or you may need to seek out your doctor, local clinic or other type of healthcare facility. In most cases you will be responsible for 100% of any cost associated with acquiring the required prerequisite tests and/or certifications. These test and certifications belong to you and can be used at other facilities should you choose not to continue with Dean's Professional Services.